Best Way To Find Gold


 Go where Gold is NOW being found—and the best way to see where Gold is being found is to look at “a map of ACTIVE Gold Mining Claims.

Google Earth and the U.S. Department of the Interior database shows exactly where American Prospectors are finding Gold in 2013.  This map shows exactly where high concentrations of ACTIVE Gold Mining Claims are located.  Your source for this exclusive and invaluable information is provided for you here.

Maps for the following top Gold producing States are available;  Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, California, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Nevada.

It is believed that more than 76% of the Worlds Gold still remains undiscovered.  In America for 2013 there were over 413,000 ACTIVE Gold Mines and over 3,000,000 Abandoned Gold mines.  These intensive and extensive concentration of ACTIVE Gold mines were surrounding, next to and in-between thousands of ABANDONED Gold mines.

With this information you can find your own prime mining claims.  The details are here and receive your FREE sample Gold Map — Show_Me_Now_Link_Image_-_2014-02-27



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